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The Lion is the king of the jungle. But he is not the king of the world. The narc feels like he is the king of the jungle. But 99% of the time is just another animal in it. They say the lion fears nothing. You would have to believe that you are more than what you really are to fear nothing. The Narc is The Lion. But this doesn’t make him an actual king. He only is in his conscious mind.

What are clusters? They are personality types that are so much alike that shrinks cluster them together. There are three main clusters that psychologist have Cluster A, B and C. Those in cluster A are considered to have odd appearances. Those in cluster B are dramatic and over emotional. Those in Cluster Care over fearful and really out of touch with reality. In this article, we will learn about the Narcissist who is in cluster B. And we will find out who he gets along with the best.


This animal has different breeds that make it up. The general signs stem from the same type of insecurity. The narcissist truly feels that he is way more than he really is. HE doesn’t empathize or has issues with doing it. Has a chronic need for admiration and has a strong sense of entitlement. Different types of narc’s have different ways to feed these insecurities. Here is a list of the breeds:

* The stoic narc; this narc is all about having a better physical and outward appearance than everyone. They only feel secure around people that they look better than and feel chronically insecure around people who look better than they look.

* The Cerebral; this guy is all about being funnier and smarter than everyone. If you come around him and you happen to be way smarter and funnier to people. He will be your biggest hater. He won’t laugh at your jokes and he will challenge all your ideas.

* The Overt; this guy is very outspoken, is always right and likes to bully. He’s the guy that always has something to say about everything. If you tell him he is wrong about something, he is willing to argue and intimidate you if he must protect his ego and reputation.

* The Covert; sneaky and manipulative. This one can convince you that he is modest and trust worthy. But don’t be fooled. This animal is a master at using people to get what they want in a very sneaky way. This is the narc that plays the puppet master- Turns people against people indirectly sabotages people all while playing the good guy to everyone.

* The vindictive; This one is really like the covert accept more aggressive. This person will dedicate everything to destroy someone. He will aim at a victim’s family, job, reputation and the anything else that matter to the victim.

The narc in general is very much like the anti-social; lacks empathy, selfish, thinks he is on top, uses people and drains them emotionally. The difference is that the narc can actually feel things like guilt, love and a bit more empathy. All they care about is getting the world to admire them. They don’t care about helping others (unless it will enhance status or reputation) or contributing to society. The fuel for their fire is self-interest. Let’s take Robert Baratheon in game of thrones for example. Some may thing he is a king so of course he is going to be narcissistic. But The type of king or leader one is shows what type of animal they truly are. Sure, he demonstrates a lot of inconsideration for his council and servants. He never showed up to the small council meetings and he played mind games with his servants when he felt insecure. But he also demonstrated things like love, gratitude and trust. He really did love Ned starks sister (who was his ex-wife that died) and Ned, which is why he made him the kings hand. He told him how much he valued him, and Ned’s relationship and you can tell that he really meant it. If he was antisocial (or at least to an exceptional degree) He would not feel or demonstrate Love, compassion or gratitude at all being a king. But, that does not mean that narcs make respectable, admired leaders. Most employees hate working for narcs.

If you work for a narc, you are most likely used and abused. Being around one means constants attack on your ego. If he is your boss, then it is worse. Your hard work will never be appreciated and if it is good, he may still the credit. Your emotions will be toyed with, you will be punished in some type of way for making him feel insecure; which is not hard to do- you don’t even have to try sometimes it just happens. How much they need you determines how they treat you. If he needs something from you, then you will feel good around him. If he doesn’t feel that he does, then he will use you for what shrinks call narcissistic supply; put you down to give him a boost. When he does this, you will feel all types of negative emotions- confusion, fear, frustration etc. A narc parent or elder will always pic a favorite sibling, niece and nephew. They see them as reflections of themselves, their fabricated or exaggerated greatness that needs a sequel. They normally pic the ones that appear to have the best genes. Sense they feel their genes are superior, why not choose the best genes in the family to reflect and represent them. Everything is about making the narc appear great, so he must always be associated with greatness. Narcs hate weak links in their family. They normally treat them unfairly and don’t like to claim them. Since doing so doesn’t associate them with what they see to be good at the least. So, how you feel around a narc normally has to do with what you have to offer.

A narc will either put you above him or below him. He hates viewing people above him because it hurts his ego. He hates feeling equal to others as well. A narc only demonstrates respect for those who he sees above him. So, if your fun into a narc that feels you are below him, the best thing to do is be tough and draw boundaries. Don’t tense up every time he is around. Just be comfortable and reasonable. If you can, avoid them if you are of culture A. If you end up in an intimate relationship with one and things go wrong, cut her off. This will not only save you lots of headaches but it will also make the narc miss you, even reflect (it won’t change her though) on what she did. She will work towards repossessing you. It may be a good feeling at first but don’t give in. Otherwise it would be unproductive. Only people in clusters B and C have what it takes to deal with a narc. If you are in cluster A you may frustrate the narc because you don’t care for social validation as much as everyone and that is one of the things narcs use to play with people’s emotions. You probably have a special genius or talent that makes the narc highly insecure, which he will discredit or down play to the crowd. He will even try to sabotage it if it means stilling your spot light. These are the people that feel like they have to convince the world that they are great. But ironically most of them channel most of their energy into the convincing part. They don’t focus on actually being great at anything. They don’t spend hours at the gym and diet. But they want to be viewed as people with the best bodies. They don’t read or study or educate themselves that much. But they want everyone to see them as geniuses. People with this complex think all they have to do is bring down people who actually are great by hating and that will put them on the same level. If you have a very high level of true or confidence or is the employee that only cares about production and results, limit the number of narcs in your life.

Neutral symptoms

* May appear to be a part of the crown when new to the environment

* Very extraverted

Super power

* Very charismatic

* Can make people feel good about themselves

* Very social

* Experts at reading people

* Good at controlling how people feel

* Masters at seducing and manipulating people


* Out of touch with reality- truly believing that they are way more than they really are.

* Extremely selfish

* Feels empty if not admired by most

* Gets bored easily

* Abusive and manipulative; a lot of them even takes pride in being like this

* Can’t handle any type of criticism; he feels extremely insecure when he gets corrected. May even get aggressive to compensate.

* A sense of entitlement, even when he lacks skill, achievement, knowledge or resources (They want the tittle, but they don’t want to do the work it takes to get it.)

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