Learn More About the Author of The Game Master

Bruce Kevin Triplett was in Phoenix, AZ on May 27, 1985. His second day of being in the world, He was put on a plane and flown to Louisiana. His father’s mother was from there. So, he has a lot of family out there. Him and his family stayed there until he was five. In 1990 they moved back to Phoenix. They stayed in one of the roughest parts of town, on the southside of town, on 48 ST & Broadway. The town houses he lived in are called the townies by locals. They are known for extreme gang violence. Bruce in his family witnessed drug addicts being crazy, and often heard gunshots.

They moved to the east side of town for a couple years. There his older brother Rufus Hayes got exposed to gangbanging. His dad was in and out of his life. So, his brother who is 7 years older was one of his main influences when he was a young child. One time, he witnessed Bruce lose a fight, (Bruce was 7 years old at the time) he got angry with Bruce and made him fight again. Bruce won that time.

His mother, Rene Le Royce Triplett, worked two jobs, so she can support Bruce and his siblings. She was very supportive of Bruce in his dreams. Back then Bruce dreamed of being a basketball star. A very skilled basketball player herself, she showed him how to play. She spent time helping him perfect his game on her free time.

When Bruce was 8 years old, his family moved to San Diego, California. He went to Oak park Elementary school his first two years there. His first month there he was uncomfortable. All the other kids were so different. The way they spoke, what they liked to play, everything. He got comfortable. And he become known as the star player on their basketball team. Even though it was the worse team ever.

In middle school his parents split for good. His mother had caught his father cheating on her. She beat the girl up, next, locked him out of the condominium. He went on and started another family. Bruce did not mind this at the time. His father was an abusive drunk at the time. He did not want to tolerate the abuse anymore. His mother had a different parenting style that was healthier for him and his siblings.

She pampered Bruce and his two brothers on her free time. She took them to the mall and beach every weekend. She showed up to most of Bruce’s basketball games. Even though, she was a workaholic. After she split with Bruce’s father, she didn’t try to find another man. She poured all her time and energy into Bruce and his siblings. He felt secure and happy during these times.

When Bruce was 13 years old. His mother was diagnosed with cancer. When he got the news, he felt overwhelmed with panic. If he lost her what will happen? He imagined the worse and was very fearful. She had surgery to remove it and it went fine.

When he was 16 years old It came back. The whole family was stressed. She went straight to chemotherapy after she got off work a few times a week. She became too unhealthy to work when Bruce was seventeen. Around the same time his older brother went to prison, leaving behind a niece and nephew for Bruce to baby sit most of his time. Bruce then took night classes at his high school, So, he can nurse his mother and help with his brother’s kids most of the time. His younger brother was staying with his father because he was too much stress for his mother. If his younger brother wasn’t in trouble, he was in the alley getting drunk with bums from the neighborhood. So, she sent him off.

During her last days, Bruce sat there and watched his mother suffer. The last Christmas she was alive she laid in her bed and cried most of the day. Bruce sat there and cried with her because he was just as afraid, he didn’t know what was going to happen when he lost her. He didn’t want that to be the last Christmas with her.

A month before Bruce turned 18, she passed away. He was extremely hurt by this. He, however, thought if he pretended that she was alive, he would not have had to deal with any more pain. He hardly cried at the funeral. But later his mood became unstable from not accepting his situation. He got a job at a hotel and took over the condominium payments. He got fired a year later. Around The same time, he had a friend who was in his rap group named sick sav. He saw how much money he was making selling weed. Bruce wanted a piece of the pie.

He wasn’t new to selling weed. The first time he did it, he was 17 years old. But his mother found his stash and flushed it down the toilet and kicked him out the house for a week. So, he took his last paycheck and brought some weed to flip. He made way more money than he did before.

He stayed in east San Diego, California, on 48th ST. It was a crime infested area. Him and his two brothers had spent most of their childhood there. So, it was easy for him to sell a lot of weed there and make lots of cash. He knew everyone in the town. But the time came to move. The condominiums he was staying in, kicked everyone out so they can remodel and raise the rent. So, Bruce moved in with his girlfriend at the time.

When Bruce was 20 years old, he had his son Kevin Bruce Triplett. He felt overjoyed at the first site of him. It was a mini him. He fantasized about how great his son will be. And vowed to be the best father he can be. Little Kevin spent most of his time with his father. He had a routine of taking his baby’s mother to work every day. While he watched Kevin and sold drugs all day.

When Bruce was 21, he spent a few months in jail for drug sells. A week after he got out, he used the money he had saved up, to move to Los Angles, CA. He liked it there. There was so much to learn and do over there. Soon, he learned how to grow weed and sell to dispensaries. This got him by in LA for a while. Then he blew his money, went broke and moved to Mesa, AZ when he was 25 years old.

When he was 26. He had his beautiful daughter Rene Le Royce Triplett. She was born on his birthday. Bruce fell in love with this little girl. He felt so complete with his two babies. She stayed home with him while her mother went to work, and her brother went to school. Bruce loved every moment with her and Kevin. And still does.

Soon he was back making fast money. But four months into it he was arrested again for drug dealing. He struggled for a year after that. Then went back to trapping and did better than before. He would make five to six thousand in a month. He felt invincible. He had made money relying on his street smarts. And knew it took a rare type of genius to do it. This lasted for two years. Then he went to prison when he was 29 years old, for unlawful flight.

This crushed him emotionally because he was so attached to his kids. And they were attached to him as well. His daughter was only two years old and needed him. Their mother took them back to San Diego, CA with her, around that time.

When he was in prison he fell in love with writing. He had already been into self-help books for a lot of years by then. So, He took his street smarts and book smarts and put it into literature.

He got out of prison and felt empty. Things were not working with his baby’s mother, his kids were in another state, most of his relative’s in Arizona hated him for petty, personal reasons. He was very depressed.

He worked in the restaurant industry, along with temp work for a few years. But this wasn’t what he was born to do.

He felt that he was put here to help people overcome obstacles, like he had. He decided to take all his book smarts and street smarts and put it into books and blogs. He knew that this can really help people. He had lots of practice with the Mystery Method by then. He had dealt with people so much that he had became an expert at reading them. He had seduced a lot of audience’s in his lifetime: rapping, DJ’ing, drug dealing. What if he could use what he learned from that, to help others as well.